M.A.P.S. (Mission Adaptable Platform System)  is a medium sized semi-autonomous unmanned platform capable of supporting a variety of missions.

Rugged, flexible and easy to operate, the MAPS UGV can conduct ISR missions, prove routes, extract and transport casualties, support tactical resupply and accurately employ heavy weapons.

With our range of plug and play options from on-board re-charge generator and additional battery pack, through to Acoustic Gun Shot Detection, Remote Weapons Station combined with Armoured  side skirts affording a high level of ballistic protection and survivability 

MAPS is currently under trial by the Australian Army.



MAPS JAUS open architecture supports a wide range of ISR and weapon payloads on missions lasting up to 8 hours

Reliable, cost effective and rugged, the MAPS UGV provides a stable and accurate direct fire weapon platform for weapons up to low-recoil 30mm cannon, utilising the EOS R400 remote weapons mount


The MAPS-MULE carries heavy loads in field and FOB enviroments, suited to both tactical and non-tactical employment.

The trailer deployed MULE shifts equipment around brigade admin areas, FARPS and warehouses controlled by remote, set to follow human, or able to operate between pre-programmed points autonomously.

The MULE makes moving stores and equipment easy, and reduces the burden on dismounted troops 


MAPS-ACE module enables the extraction and transportation of casualties, whilst reducing the risk to key personnel such as medics.

Remotely operated with semi autonomous functionality and long range communications, the ACE  platform is a key enabler on the battlefield .

Further reducing the risks to war fighters and improving case- vac times in hostile enviroments.


MAPS-MENTOR is specifically designed to support your partner forces when freindly troops cannot accompany them on missions.

The Trailer-deployed MENTOR is towed behind partner force vehicles and autonomously deploys when troops dismount.

MENTOR is there with your partner force and enables continued training, advise and assists personnel to maintain situational awareness, providing real- time advice and apply support