Our Vision

At Praesidium Global we are setting the foundation to become an international leader in military Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). 

Our designs are the result of collaboration between combat veterans and gifted technicians, 

with our systems built by a team focused on one thing; providing our customers with an unfair advantage on the battlefield.


Our Design Principles

Praesidium Global’s range of UGVs are designed to be modular and adaptable to support variety of military and humanitarian missions ranging from surveillance and reconnaissance, direct fire support, casualty evacuation through to last mile logistics.

At Praesidium Global we understand the realities of combat operations and as such strive to make our systems simple to operate and reliable by design, building quality and redundancy into everything, from communications links, to navigation, and our mechanical systems.

 Even though our products are unmanned, we put the human at the centre of all of our designs and think about operator training from the outset. 

We design and build our systems to be operated by fatigued soldiers, on the last week of their tour, in dirty and dusty environments, at the end of the supply chain. We use advanced technology, selective automation and intuitive interfaces to put highly capable systems at the fingertips of soldiers.