The SCOUT is a small (70kg) UGV designed specifically for internal carriage in armored vehicles.  

It is platform agnostic, simple to operate, rapid to deploy and recover, and equipped with an array of advanced sensors.

A single cavalry vehicle can internally carry and recharge multiple SCOUTs, providing 24/7 local coverage if required.

SCOUT will allow you to see the enemy first while staying out of reach.  

Scout- MBT

The SCOUT-MBT is a parasitic UGV that can be attached to the rear of a MBT in a purpose-built cocoon.

Simple to operate and equipped with an array of advanced sensors, the SCOUT-MBT autonomously launches and recovers from its external mount.


Operated by the tank's loader, the SCOUT-MBT ranges from its parent vehicle for up to four hours at a time,

  • Quick to deploy,

  • Reliable to operate,

See the enemy first, engage the enemy first, with the SCOUT-MBT.